Hellloooo Phoenix!

We arrived last night after a fairly uneventful 14+ hours of travel. We're staying in an absolutely stunning house in a suburb called Scottsdale, which is right on the edge of the city - we're pretty much surrounded by desert.

Last full English breakfast in Giraffe in Heathrow Terminal 5.

Heathrow Teminal 5, waiting for our departure to LA.

From the flight between LA and Phoenix - first glimpse of the desert.

Baby owl, nesting in a cactus, Phoenix.

The only bad part so far - I am clumsy. And I tripped on a path and skinned my knee on the gravel. It looks worse than it is!

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D. said...

Amy, not that this will create wild excitement, but Scottsdale has one of the big US horse show venues. If you're there long enough, check out Westworld.

Amy said...

Thanks Dianne - I definitely will. I haven't seen any horses here yet, but there are signs of them all over the place. For example, on a lot of the hiking trails, you aren't allowed to take dogs, but horses are okay. Also, we did a three hour hike today and at the top of the summit there was a hitching fence to tie up your horse. :)