Que La Temps Change

Dear Internets,

I have something to tell you and you may not like it. OK, it isn't so much that you won't like it as you will be worried for me given that I am living a zillion miles away from 'home' in the mysterious land of Wales.

Before I tell you what's happened, I need you to sit down, take a deep breath and know that everything with me is fine.


Are you ready?

I have moved out of the flat I was sharing with Chris and have acquired my own little place. It wasn't working, dear internets, and when something isn't working, it isn't working. It isn't his fault and it isn't my fault. He is a nice, lovely man but we just weren't well suited in many ways that were making us both miserable. Rather than sinking into true bleak despair, I thought it best to leave.

On Saturday I take possession of my own cozy little flat. Pictures to follow.

I think I know most of you who read this on a personal level and many of you are also my Facebook friends. You will notice that my relationship status is still the same. I am giving him time and space to tell people.

So that's what is new. But I am fine. Happy even, Relieved that progress is being made and glad to have some space to breathe. I really like Cardiff, my friends here and my job. I am staying put. I am excited about the future.

I love you and wish you all a wonderful New Year. Mine was unique and cool and filled with good things, which makes a change from last year. Be happy.


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