"Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant.

And if you through a party
Invited everyone you ever knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend."

The lovely Kate Davis, a mentor and friend, passed away early this morning in Toronto. I am so glad to have known her. There's isn't much to say really. Death, particularly when it takes someone as young as Kate feels incredibly cruel and unfair and I so wish she'd had more time to spend with the people who love her. 


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Bernadette said...

I think you are blessed to have known her as a friend. I knew her only as a member of the arts community and, as I've said elsewhere, I'll miss her smile and strong presence in our broad arts community.

Amy said...

Thanks for the comment Bernadette. I am blessed. And yes, that woman was a lioness for the arts community - hopefully her legacy lives on.