Leaving Oz

This will be a quick update because we're crazy busy and Internet access in Australia is not super reliable or accessible. I'll write more about our experiences here in the next few days and plan to do a big post about things I wish I'd known before coming to Australia on A Tramp Abroad. It's not all been roses but we've had some absolutely stunning moments like when we accidentally happened upon a koala forest! More pictures and proper update coming soon. With love xo

 Kimono hanging in our room in Melbourne.

Yellow taxis, central Melbourne.


Melbourne is a crazy mishmash of old Victorian style architecture and modernist skyscrapers. 

Old Post Office/Mall in Central Melbourne.

My stupid sunglasses. But they do make my giant head look smaller!
Still life from our room in Melbourne.
Orange tree in our front garden, Melbourne.
Our street, Melbourne.
Speed Queen, the Laundromat, Melbourne

I actually really loved this laundromat on Carlisle Street in Melbourne. It was staffed by two lovely little Vietnamese ladies and looked very retro. There's something comforting about doing your laundry in a laundromat on a rainy spring day. 
More laundromat.
Southern Cross Station, Melbourne.
Bay 65, Southern Cross Station, Melbourne. Where we caught our coach to Avalon Airport.
The view from our hotel in Sydney.
More Sydney hotel view.
Lovely Sydney architecture.
An Ibis on a cement block, Hyde Park, Central Sydney.
Hyde Park, Sydney.
Flowers in Hyde Park-  it's early Spring here!
Sydney Tower.
Hyde Park.
Art installation in Hyde Park.

Fountain, Hyde Park.
Fountain, Hyde Park.

Prince Albert, Sydney.
Prince Albert, Sydney.
Winged boar, Sydney

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