Tiffany Blue Ice


Despite that it isn't cold enough for water to actually freeze in most parts of the UK, people here are ga ga for outdoor ice skating in the winter. They set up winter carnivals (usually set in front of a beautiful, elaborate old building) with rides and skating rinks all lit with elaborate fairy lights.

This year Tiffany & Co is presenting the Skate at the lovely Somerset House in London. Tiffany blue is my favourite colour and the fact that, at least in their promo picture, the ice looks like an illuminated version of that colour makes me swoon just a little bit. It's enough to make me want to pay to look like a fool by falling on my ass as I pull myself around that pretty blue rink. I'll even advance book for the pleasure.

Thanks to Dave Joyner, without whom I may never have found this.

(Image from the Somerset House website)

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Friday said...

We've been skating at Somerset House and also the Tower of London. It's a little odd going outdoor ice skating when it's a balmy ten degrees but it's a strangeness I can easily overcome!

Amy said...

For me it's all about humiliation factor. Is it more or less humiliating to fall every ten seconds if the ice is Tiffany blue? Or the same?

A question for the ages...

Friday said...

You'd be in good company if that were the case. Just don't forget to don the frilly underpants and you'll be fabulous!