I'll Get You My Pretty!

Can someone please buy me some ruby red shoes? Think of all the money I would save on air fare.

In the spirit of the Wizard of Oz and other wind storm related things, London sounds like it's blowing away tonight. Seriously Saskatchewan, tonight London's gale force wind takes the prize.

Unrelated to stormy weather (I hope) - tomorrow le garçon and I are heading to Manchester where he is giving a talk about brilliant webby things. We are staying up there overnight and spending Thursday exploring the city, which, based on this website, actually looks like it might be cool.

Anyone out there from Manchester? Any tips?

Sweet dreams my pretties.


These lovelies found via adnspirit.

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Friday said...

They sell tiny Dorothy costumes (with ruby slippers) at Harrods in the children's toy section, actually. Maybe they come in a bigger size?

Amy said...

Or maybe they stretch? I did find a store near Bond Street that has a selection of the most lovely ballerina flats - an entire store devoted to them. And I believe they have a pair that could almost be called ruby slippers. The bad bit is that they cost half a month's rent. SIGH!