British Oddities - Eggs

I could easily construct a top ten list of the things I find most culturally odd about Britain (and in some ways, I have an ongoing one I am compiling and revising constantly in my head). On that list I would definitely include that supermarkets in this country consistently do not refrigerate their eggs. It is also considered completely normal to keep your eggs on the counter top in your kitchen, not in the ice box.

According to the Egg Safety Centre (yes, there is such a thing!), you should refrigerate eggs and even throw out any that have been accidentally left out on the counter for over two hours and the USDA agrees. Despite the fact that it feels patently wrong to me to not refrigerate any animal products (meat, eggs, cheese, milk ...) I do regularly eat eggs over here that have undoubtedly lived chill free on a supermarket shelf, and as far as I know, have yet to get sick from them.

I do put them in the fridge the moment I get home from the market though and I have to say, if I think about it too much, it creeps me out a little.

Two points to anyone who can tell me how this cultural anomaly came about!

Robin Eggs image from Photoholic1 .

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Mirandy said...

They do this in Thailand too! It totally freaked me out when I was there. Especially considering the fact that it's always like 38 degrees.

Amy said...

I think they did the same in the Dominican Republic - and the eggs smelled a little off too. Hmmm. I definitely prefer keeping my eggs cool!

How are you doing? How's Ottawa? I miss you!x

Calista said...

It also makes eggs difficult to find in a grocery store, and I don't like it. Like you, I refrigerate eggs as soon as they get into my house (and then keep and eat them well beyond their best before date... can't win 'em all!)

Anonymous said...

I'm from the UK and I never even realised that other countries refridgerated eggs!