Lola's Kichen

(Photo above by Those Two )

The recent shopping guide in British Vogue led me to find an amazing bakery in Camden Town called Lola's Kitchen. I love cake! I love cupcakes! I pretty much love anything with any relationship to sugar, especially chocolate. My good friend Friday and her husband are expecting their first baby, a boy, in January and it seemed the perfect excuse for a beautiful Lola's Kitchen creation.

Yesterday, after visiting the midwife, Friday and I make the journey to Lola's. I was skeptical about how easy it would be to find given that street directions in London always confuse me. I am used to the faithful grid system and all the loops and bends over here require a completely new set of navigational skills from those I've grown up with. Despite this, we found it quite easily and enjoyed a nice walk through a part of Camden Town that was filled with beautiful old Victorian apartments and peppered with strange high rises that looked like they were built during the cold war.

Lola's Kitchen the physical space was not what I expected. It is located in the Primrose Hill Workshops, which is an industrial looking barn-like structure on a residential street. There is no fancy bakery with cozy seating and delicacies displayed under long shiny glass counter tops. Instead it is a bit like walking into a sweet smelling car repair shop.

"I can't imagine how they are inspired to make beautiful cakes in a place like this," said my traveling companion.

But oh, they did not disappoint.

First off, the cake was in a bright white box tied with a baby blue ribbon and a little card. The box alone was perfect and square and lovely. All cakes should come in boxes like this. The cake was perfect -- just the right amount of sweet, light airy cake, ample icing... It was heaven.

Happy baby J and B! X

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