My father gave me a canary and a revolving globe ... I used to open the cage and let the canary go free. It developed the habit of sitting at the very top of the globe and singing for hours. For years, as I wandered insatiably over the earth, greeting and taking leave of everything, I felt that the top of my head was the globe and a canary sat perched on the top of my mind, singing.

- Kazantzakis

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Friday Films said...

For a minute there I thought you were telling us a story about yourself!

That's quite a beautiful idea.

Btw - I'm just over halfway through Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger, and I love every word of it so far. Very engaging prose, and such a good, solid narrative. Thanks for leaving it behind.

Amy said...

Hey lovely,

I'm glad you're loving The Little Stranger. I found it a bit slow but oh so beautifully written. You'll have to let me know if you guess the ending before it happens.