The End Cometh - Snow in London

London Snow, originally uploaded by oladybug0.

We've been working from home today because of a continuous snow fall in London. The biggest worry here is that you'll be able to get to where you're going but won't be able to get home after wards.

My Canadian friends would laugh. In Saskatchewan we lived with feet of snow and -30 degree temperatures for months on end. And today I've been driven to stay indoors because of a few inches but did sneak out into the danger zone to take the above first person footage with my Flip.

The truth is that this place is really not equipped to deal with this kind of weather. There are no (or very few) snowploughs and it takes forever for the streets to be gritted and the sidewalks shoveled and salted. We don't use winter tires and the snow quickly turns to glare ice when the temperature drops. In a city with the congestion of London, slippery roads very quickly translate into car wrecks and is treacherous for pedestrians.

Tomorrow is supposed to be better, but heavy snow is in the forecast for the entire weekend. Hopefully it all passes by the 16th or our flights to France may be very, very delayed.

It is pretty though.

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Anonymous said...

Correction: This old Canadian friend is laughing. It may be that it's been a while since you experienced the wonders of Regina but the streets rarely get plowed till the next day, yet people slog through, and ice is slippery. Virtually every street I drove on yesterday left me watching the car behind me do the possible insurance dance behind me, but hey it's government insurance. Winter tires are expensive and even though Saskstchewan is experiencing a "boom" right now few people save the suburbanites in the well to do neighborhoods actually purchase snow tires, and they still get in accidents cause they don't know how to drive for some reason.

I'm sorry that i'm being a typical Saskatchewanite leaping with disdain onto any culture that freezes (I beg you to excuse the pun)in the face of snow in an attempt to prove to the world once again how tough we are. We still bitch about it non-stop, in a way it validates our existence, since for some reason we continue to live here. I'm just glad it's not Toronto this time, was getting tired of laughing at them.

All the best Amy. And hey a nice warm blanket is nothing to complain about right?


Amy said...

Hey Luke - it's good to hear from you. It's been awhile.

Yeah, you are totally right. I think snow hysteria here is contagious and probably mostly in our heads.

Drive safe!!

Anonymous said...