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Great Movies

Roger Ebert has just released Great Movies III , which is presumably a follow up to Great Movies I and II. He just published the list of movies included and, although I wouldn't consider myself a huge film buff, I'm surprised by how few I've seen or even heard of.

Here's the list with the one's I've seen highlighted:

Ace in the Hole
After Dark, My Sweet
After Hours
The Age of Innocence
Army of Shadows
Atlantic City
Au Revoir, les Enfants
The Band Wagon
The Battle of Algiers
La Belle Noiseuse
The Best Years of Our Lives
The Big Red One
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Cat People
Chimes at Midnight
Chop Shop
Chuck Jones: Three Cartoons
Cool Hand Luke
Crimes and Misdemeanors
Dark City
The Dead
Dog Day Afternoon
The Double Life of Veronique
Easy Rider
El Norte
El Topo
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser
Fanny and Alexander
Forbidden Games
The Godfather, Part II
The Great Dictator
Groundhog Day
Howards End
Inherit the Wind
Johnny Guitar
Juliet of the Spirits
Killer of Sheep
L. A. Confidential
The Last Picture Show
Last Tango in Paris
The Last Temptation of Christ
Late Spring
The Long Goodbye
The Marriage of Maria Braun
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
Mon Oncle Antoine
My Fair Lady
My Man Godfrey
Nanook of the North
Out of the Past
Pan's Labyrinth
Paths of Glory
The Phantom of the Opera
A Prairie Home Companion
Rebel Without a Cause
The Red Shoes
Ripley's Game
The River (Le Fleuve)
Rocco and His Brothers
Safety Last
Samurai Rebellion
Sansho the Bailiff
Santa Sangre (from 2003)
The Scarlet Empress
Secrets & Lies
The Shining
The Silence
The Terrorist
The Thief of Bagdad
3 Women
Through a Glass Darkly
Top Hat
Triumph of the Will
Vengeance Is Mine
Waking Life
Werckmeister Harmonies
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Withnail & I
Winter Light
A Woman's Tale
WR--Mysteries of the Organism
A Year of the Quiet Sun (from 2003)

That's 31/100 or 31% - a failing grade. Of those I've seen, my favorites are The Shining , Whatever Happened to Baby Jane , The Godfather II and Adaptation .

How many of these have you seen? Which are your favorites?

Image Credit: Movie by van Ort

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Pretty Pictures - Doris Day with Rainbow Poodles

I spent a lot of time with my grandmother when I was little. Our summers were mostly spent out at a little beach cabin with no running water and no television. I credit the long hot months we spent there during my formative years for my love of reading, writing and my genuine comfort with spending time with myself.

We didn't have a television at the beach so there were no movies or sitcoms, but during the winter we made up for it with a very specific mix made up mostly of musicals, Westerns and Bruce Lee films. Doris Day (pictured above with rainbow coloured poodles) was one of my grandmother's favourites, in particularly her turn as Calamity Jane - the famous female Western gunslinger. Day's portrayal of Jane was quite different from how the character was represented in Deadwood; although I'm sure Deadwood is more accurate, I prefer to think of poor Calamity as the awkward, candy-coloured tom-boy of the classic musical. The girl with the heart of gold and the happy ending. Swoon!

Image via Whorange.

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