Under Construction

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Settled isn't exactly how I would describe the current state of things. I arrived on Saturday. Since Monday morning the bathroom has been completely gutted and has been in various stages of reconstruction. We are planning to pull down an old, tired ceiling and put up a new, higher one. In order to do this we need to pull out the closet. This means there is nowhere to put the clothes (and I have many, many of those...).

It is all exciting and things are going to look amazing once we're done the work. Also, it's nice to be able to change things around a little bit so that it doesn't just feel like I'm inhabiting someone's space but that we are making it our own. Things always feel messiest right before they are set right.

I've been surprised every day at the subtle cultural differences between Wales and Canada. I don't think it is ever quite as obvious to me as when I am ordering food in a restaurant and am always hesitant and unsure of whether the server will understand what I'm talking about. A few mornings ago we went for breakfast and I ordered my eggs over easy. It seems they don't do over-easy here and had never heard of it. The server was agreeable and the cooks made a best effort (though the results were more over-hard really) but it just points out how many things I take for granted as obvious and everyday. The UK is likely as similar to North America as anywhere in the world, but there are still these subtle differences that come up in surprising places.

I am learning every day.


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Anonymous said...

The UK is like North America in one way only: they speak English. I once asked for something 'on the side' and that didn't go over very well at all. Don't worry though, you're a quick study and will catch on faster than you think. And then you can tackle the big important issues, like do you really want to do your washing up in a little plastic bin? No? Well just toss it out! I did...

Hey, how come's I never knew about this space before now?


Amy said...

It's a brand new place and I wasn't sure if I would keep it or not... I guess by virtue of telling people it means I'm keeping it. I can't wait for our visit!! I have located a fabulous bakery in North London and am going to buy us the most amazing cupcakes!!!