About Me

In 2008 I moved from the Canadian prairies to the UK where I lived, mostly in London, until the spring of 2010. Then I spent a year traveling around the word, visiting places like Laos, Japan and Australia. While traveling, I founded Contentini, a boutique content strategy and web consultancy agency with my husband Dan.

Now I live in San Francisco and work as a Content Strategist for Facebook, which is absolutely as cool as it sounds.

I love language, photography, art, cooking, travel and mid-century antiques. I also enjoy a good dance party every now and then.
    You can find me on my other blog, EphermeralistTwitter, Flickr, FacebookPinterest, Delicious and on LinkedIn.  I can be reached by email at hello[AT]amythibodeau.com.

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      Anonymous said...


      I found this picture on Google:


      and have used it on my blog:


      This particular blog is about Syria and unfortunately I lost my memory cards after being there. The blog is only read by my mum and one or two other sad individuals, however if you'd like me to remove it, I have no objections to doing so and will take down your picture immediately.

      Thank You

      Benjamin Dowling